Image of Income: $en$e-Ability project

Income: $en$e-Ability project
Help people succeed financially

Right now, 30% of local households are not able to meet their basic needs or plan for the future. The outlook is even worse for emancipating foster youth. There are many reasons for financial instability and one is because people don’t have access to financial management tools and education.

It all starts with a bank account.

Many of the households and foster youth struggling with finances don’t use bank accounts. And many still use alternative forms of financial services that charge high fees; they need help in setting goals and building assets. 

Solution: United Way’s $en$e-Ability project

Our goal is to strengthen communities by ensuring that 10% more households in our region will be financially stable and self-sufficient.

But this challenge is too big for one nonprofit to solve – we need everyone on board. Here’s how we’re going to accomplish that goal together: We’re offering adults and foster youth coaching and important tools to manage their finances so they can have a stable home and plan for the future.

We’re working with low-moderate income households and foster youth to help them  manage finances and increase savings.

It’s working.

62% of the 1,288 participants are demonstrating better financial skills and now have savings accounts. 90% of the 200 foster youth are earning credits toward matched savings accounts.

Join the movement.

When you invest in United Way’s LIVE UNITED movement through your donations and your volunteer work, you join hands with our partners – nonprofits, companies, government bodies, volunteers and donors – to rebuild our community and give every person the building blocks for a good life.

If you are interested in joining the group of volunteers on the Income Impact Council that oversee this project, contact